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Better Breathing, Better Sleep, Better You.

Why We Sleep

“Why We Sleep- Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams-“ by Matthew Walker, Phd.
Scribner, (an imprint of Simon and Schuster) 2017

This relatively recent New York Times Bestseller is a long overdue “must read” to understand sleep, what it does, and why it’s so important to health and well being. Written by a preeminent neurologist and sleep expert, it is based on the explosion of scientific discoveries in the sleep field during the last two decades.

While it treats Sleep Apnea only in passing, it answers important questions about sleep in general, including how caffeine and alcohol affect sleep; what really happens during REM sleep; how sleep affects learning and cognition and can forestall the impact of aging and various disease processes. Immensely fascinating and easily accessible and understood, this is highly recommended.

Best for anyone who wants to understand sleep and its importance to health and wellbeing.

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