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Our mission is to promote and advocate for screening, diagnosis, treatment, and management of optimal health of those who suffer from sleep apnea.

The Alliance of Sleep Apnea Partners (ASAP) is a U.S. based patient-oriented non-profit organization. In 2014, a group of sleep apnea patients came together to form the Patient Engagement Panel of This panel monitored the patient community forum, served on special committees, participated in PCORI grant opportunities and wrote blogs for In 2018, a few members of the patient engagement panel came together to establish ASAP as a patient  advocacy organization recognizing the existing needs of sleep apnea patients.

Our Vision

To be a patient-centered organization that makes sleep apnea a national health priority.

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ASAP Believes

Our Values

Patient-led group and patient-centered care comes first.

Diagnosis and treatment should be equitable and inclusive of all races, ages and culturally diverse communities.

Stakeholder community committed to a common agenda to ensure sleep apnea is recognized as a national priority.

Partnerships and ​collaborations are key to our success to advance sleep apnea care.

How We Help

We serve as connectors between sleep apnea patients and other stakeholders such as the federal government, industry, medical and scientific experts and other advocacy organizations

Provider trusted site: Clinicians and therapists need a trustworthy web portal for their patients with Sleep Apnea to access evidence-based information and step-by-step guides beyond that available in a clinic.

Facilitating patient learning: Patients and their caregivers need education and support as they navigate their journey to find and implement Sleep Apnea treatment, but as well become advocates for themselves and their family members.

Support patient-centered choice and personalization of treatment: In treating sleep apnea there is literally no “one size fits all” treatment. We will help patients identify alternative ways to use PAP and other treatment alternatives, including emerging technologies.

Community-support: The information we provide will be developed collaboratively by patients and clinicians. It is designed to be a vital resource for individuals, families, caregivers, communities, and schools.

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