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Better Breathing, Better Sleep, Better You.

Hacking Sleep Apnea


“Sleep Apnea Hurts-The Cure Doesn’t Have To”, by David G. Dillard, MD and Mayor Patel, DDS, MS.
Copyright 2015, David G. Dillard, MD and Mayor Patel, DDS, MS.

Written by an MD and dentist team, this book explores both diagnosis and treatment issues and their relationship to dental, GERD, ENT and sinusitis problems. discussions are full and through but also quick and easy to follow.
There are also discussions of a number of different surgical solutions. The approach is ENT and dental oriented and treatment alternatives are non-PAP and dental in approach.

Best for those who have tried, and failed, the gold standard treatment for Sleep apnea, i.e.,PAP therapy, or who, for some other reason, cannot tolerate PAP.

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