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Hacking Sleep Apnea


“Hacking Sleep Apnea- the undeniable truth on which therapies actually work” by Brady Nelson, RRT
Copyright 2018 RespLabs Medical Inc.

This is a brief but very practical ”how to” approach to solving your Sleep Apnea problems. Written by a Registered Respiratory Therapist, this is the “hands on” approach to dealing with your sleep apnea—it’s brief (terse, even-a very quick read) and outlines specific treatment strategies.

There isn’t extensive editorializing or discussion of co-morbidities, in favor of focusing on specific treatments and equipment. There are many excellent tips for handling your CPAP equipment and also discussions of various other approaches to treatment, including weight loss, and throat exercises.

Best for the already knowledgeable and motivated patient who is looking for specific, problem solving or trouble shooting techniques.

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