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I Keep Taking The Mask Off In My Sleep

It takes time to get used to wearing a mask, but keep at it.

Sometimes a mask will not stay on your face, especially if you move around in your sleep a lot. Check to see if a different mask or better fit helps with this. You may be taking it off because it isn’t fitting right. Using a chin strap can help keep the mask in place.

Sometimes the CPAP tubing can get tangled so if you toss and turn at night, it could pull the mask off. CPAP tubing holders can help the tubing from getting tangled as it directs the tubing up and over your head.

You can also try using a special CPAP pillow that is designed to hold the tubing away so it can't create a drag on the mask, cause breaks in the seal, or remove it completely.

You may be pulling off the mask because your nose is congested or your mouth is dry. Try using a humidifier and make sure there aren’t any mask leaks.

Anytime you wake up and the mask is off, put it back on.

If you don’t wake when the mask comes off, think about setting an alarm to check if it is on or off. When you find you are wearing the mask all night, you can stop using the alarm

Speak to your provider about trying an automatic setting (A-PAP) vs. a set pressure. The automatic setting will automatically adjust during your sleep cycles.

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