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I Don't Want To Have To Wear My Mask Every Night

It's perfectly understandable that you may feel wearing a mask every night (probably for the rest of your life) is annoying at best and depressing at worst.

When you find yourself getting frustrated or upset with your CPAP equipment, don't dwell on what the comfort the mask is taking away from you. Instead, remind yourself of the health benefits you are receiving, and the risks you are avoiding by wearing your mask.

Work with your doctor and CPAP supplier to get the best fit, device and mask.

Making regular visits to your sleep doctor can help troubleshoot any problems and adjust settings, if needed.

It can take a while to find the correct settings and get used to the mask.

It’s okay to ask questions or for help from your doctor, sleep technician or device supplier. This is your health and you should expect quality care.

With time and patience, CPAP can positively affect your quality of life and health.

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