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I Am Claustrophobic And Can't Tolerate The Mask

Start by holding just the mask up to your face while you are awake without any other parts attached—maybe while watching television. Once that seems comfortable to you, try using the mask with the straps attached but not the hose.

Or try holding the mask with the hose connected to your face, without using the straps. When you start to feel comfortable with that, you can try attaching the hose to the CPAP machine and running it with a low-pressure setting. After that you can work on wearing the mask with the straps and with the machine running while awake. After you're comfortable with that, try sleeping with it on.

It may help to get a different size mask or try a different style, such as one that uses nasal pillows. There are masks and pillows that don’t block your field of vision which could help.

There might be certain relaxation exercises that can help.

If nothing seems to work, talk to your doctor or sleep technician.

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