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Air Travel

CPAP machines are considered medical equipment.

Check with the airline about rules for medical equipment such as CPAP. When possible, pack your machine and supplies as a carry on. Most airlines do not count medical equipment towards your personal carry-on item limit.

CPAP machines are sometimes taken out of the case to run through the security checkpoint. Hoses, headgear and masks usually stay in your bag. Bring a clear plastic bag to put your CPAP machine in so that it does not come into contact with unsanitary bins or conveyors.

If the security official need to make a closer examination of your CPAP, you can ask them to use a new pair of gloves and a new swab to check it over.

You may want to check with your airline about using your CPAP. Some airlines require a notice of at least 48 hours if you will be using your CPAP during the flight. They need to verify that your model meets FAA standards and regulations. You may need to label your machine showing that it meets FAA safety regulations and is approved for use on an aircraft.

If you will be on a long flight, check to see what electrical outlets there may be.

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