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What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep Apnea is a common but serious sleep disorder. The disorder is caused by repetitive periods when airflow is interrupted during sleep due to a narrowing or closure to the throat. A complete blockage of airflow is an apnea, and a partial interruption is a hypopnea. Each apnea or hypopnea can result in drops in oxygen levels and brief awakenings or sleep disturbances. Typical symptoms of Sleep Apnea are snoring, snorting or gasping during sleep, unrefreshed sleep, and daytime sleepiness.

A Sleep Apnea Patient Discusses Diagnosis and Treatment

Joe Stamler has severe sleep apnea and he shares how a discussion about his daytime fatigue with a physician led to being evaluated for sleep apnea.  Joe shares his sleep study report which shows his apneas (full breathing pauses) and hypopneas (partial breathing pauses).  He discusses the powerful experience of viewing his video recording which showed how his body reacted to his apneas and hypopneas.  He reframes the stigma of wearing a CPAP as this is a tool to help improve the quality of his life.

Used with permission of Mr. Stamler and  Stamford Hospital.

Disclaimer-This is not an endorsement of Stamford Hospital or any provider mentioned.

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