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Why We Exist

Ensuring Policies Are Patient Focused For Improved Outcomes

Who We Are?

We are a national nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to serving those living with sleep-disordered breathing, or who have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea.

What We Do?

We strive to represent diverse patient voices at local, regional and national levels through education, advocacy, and support to eliminate gaps in patient care.

What is our Objective?

To be the leading driving force in changing the current sleep apnea health care delivery model by ensuring that the existing health care policies benefit patients and improve their health outcomes.


ASAP Empowers

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What Patients Need To Know

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Understanding Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is a common but serious sleep disorder. The disorder is caused by repetitive periods when airflow is interrupted during sleep due to a narrowing or closure to the throat.


Diagnosing Sleep Apnea

Sleep clinics want you to stay as close to your night-time routine as possible in order to get the best results. Most sleep labs will give you check-in instructions a day or two before your study.


Treatment Options

For milder cases of sleep apnea, your doctor may recommend only lifestyle changes, such as losing weight or reducing alcohol consumption.

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Living with Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea increases during pregnancy, particularly during the third trimester or with extra weight gain. Seek out all the treatment options. Track how you are feeling daily by creating a log or system.

What Patients Need To Know

ASAP Advocates

Help us advocate for people suffering from sleep apnea and its comorbidities. Your donation will help us create high quality educational resources and provide support to patients and their caregivers throughout their sleep apnea journey

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