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Alliance of Sleep Apnea Partners

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of sleep apnea through education, policy and support in order to advance the state of patient care and life-long well-being of sleep apnea patients.


The Gaps We Will Fill

Provider trusted site

Clinicians and therapists need a trustworthy web portal for their patients with Sleep Apnea to access evidence-based information and step-by-step guides beyond that available in a clinic.

Facilitating patient learning

Patients and their caregivers need education and support as they navigate their journey to find and implement Sleep Apnea treatment, but as well become advocates for themselves and their family members.

Support patient-centered choice and personalization of treatment

In treating sleep apnea there is literally no “one size fits all” treatment. We will help patients identify alternative ways to use PAP and other treatment alternatives, including emerging technologies.


The information we provide will be developed collaboratively by patients and clinicians. It is designed to be a vital resource for individuals, families, caregivers, communities, and schools.

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ASAP is seeking Founding Sponsors to help us inform, educate and raise awareness directly to Sleep Apnea patients! We would like to keep you informed as we progress. Click the button below to stay updated.

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